So what do I need to think about when choosing a cake? Here are a few points to consider....

  Firstly of course, it largely depends on the occasion as to what sort of cake you have, but also think about what sort of shape you would like. Theme cakes can be made to your requests, but otherwise we can generally provide such shapes as square, circle, hexagon, oval, petal, heart etc. These all come in various sizes, although that would probably depend on how many people you are catering for. Perhaps there are people that can't attend your function, but you would still like cake for?

  What type of cake(s) are we talking about? Fruit or sponge for example. What flavour sponge? Plain, vanilla, chocolate, lemon, coffee - the list goes on! What fillings would you like? Cream or jam? What flavour jam? Strawberry, raspberry, apricot.....What flavour cream? Chocolate, vanilla, lemon.....? (Feeling hungry yet?!?!?)

  Then you need to think about the finished product. How would you like it decorated? If it's for a wedding, for example, then you may have a particular colour you want to match up with. A colour swatch would be ideal to ensure a good match if you can provide one of those. There is icing colour and decoration colour to consider. (Ribbons and peripherals). Are there any particular ornaments you would like to incorporate, or a particular type of flower that you would like crafted out of sugar-paste? Would you like a flower spray for the knife too? (The knife can also be hired). Are there any other additions required for the cake such as initials or names and dates perhaps?

  If you are having multiple cakes then how would you like them presented? Maybe tiered on pillars or stacked directly on top of one another? Maybe a swan stand or something similar? Maybe even just free standing individually?

  It sounds a lot to take in doesn't it?!?! Don't worry, we're here to help. It's your special day, so it's worth getting it just right. You are already on the right tracks by being here!












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