The quality of our cakes

All of our cakes are made to the highest standards; be they Wedding, Christening or any other celebration cake. Large or small, attention to detail is very important to us.

From fruit cake to sponge, the cakes are made entirely by hand - no packets here!!!!

The cakes are made from real ingredients, and recipes that are tried and tested, so they taste as good as they look.


Sponge Cakes

Our sponge cakes can come to you plain as a Victoria. For a special occasion for tea, they can be made in a variety of sumptuous flavours; coffee and walnut, coffee, vanilla, orange, lemon, or a decadent rich chocolate cake. How about a scrummy carrot and orange? What ever you decide, the cake will be a deep, delicious treat to tantalise your taste buds…!


Fruit Cakes

The fruit in our fruit cakes are soaked in brandy or sherry to ensure maximum flavour. After the cake is baked, brandy or sherry will be added slowly, over a period of time, to top up the infusion of flavours. This also ensures that the cake will be mature, rich and moist when it is delivered.


How your cake is finished

Fruit-cakes are brushed with apricot glaze before the covering of almond paste (marzipan) is added. Then a layer of rolled fondant icing is placed on top, ready to be finished to your specification. Sponges can be finished with a thin layer of butter-cream and also with rolled fondant. If so desired, there is no reason why you cannot have marzipan under the rolled icing.


Sugar-crafted flowers

All of the flowers and foliage created are made from flower-paste. They are hand-made, home-made, and can be coloured to your specification. Equally, you can have added in to your flowers/bouquet feathers, ribbons, beads or diamantes. We pride ourselves on the beautiful hand-made flowers looking realistic; they are veined and finished as if they where the real thing.


Decorations for the cakes

These can be created out of pastillage, royal icing or marzipan. They would be edible or you may choose to keep them as a memento of the occasion. I.e. Cots, booties, teddies, fairies, dancing shoes, models of people... Any theme, we endeavour to make it a truly memorable cake what ever the occasion. You may want to add your own trinkets; the choice is yours. Lace-work can be added (made of royal icing), and is fully edible; looking elegant and graceful when added to a cake. You can have star bursts, a party theme…. whatever you want, we will try our utmost to realise your wishes.


Special Finishing Touches

To create a truly unique and beautifully crafted cake to adorn any table, we pay particular attention to small details. We ensure the cake is presented on a cake-drum, and this thick drum is trimmed with a co-ordinating ribbon/s.

Some of our cakes have glitter added. This is a non-toxic glitter, which is safe to use on cakes for added ‘bling’! All cakes come with a warning of the use of nuts in the kitchen, and the warning of inedible decorations and food-grade posy picks for flowers. The cakes are then packaged in cardboard boxes for protection during transit.

Here at Createabake we pride ourselves on the quality and the taste of our cakes; thus ensuring that you enjoy the taste and the visual impact for the occasion. It is very pleasing to have people coming back again and again for all occasions and passing on details to friends and family. I have had many great comments on my work, which are whole-heartedly appreciated, as it is my passion to produce works of art…

Because of this passion, I love producing cakes and pieces for competitions as I can use my artistic thoughts and produce some unusual crafted items. You can see some of my pieces on the sugarcraft page of this website

Because of my passion for sugar-crafting I have now started teaching classes and am working towards becoming a fully trained sugarcraft demonstrator for the Sugarcraft Guild. I have been so awe-struck over cakes made by fellow members and me, I have such a passion for creation of cakes, and if I can inspire just one person to give it a go, I have achieved my goal.



These cakes may be garnished with inedible decorations not suitable for consumption. This includes any sugar flowers which may contain cotton or silk stamens, wire and floristry tape thus making them inedible.
These cakes may contain nuts or nut oil, and have been made in a kitchen in which nuts have been used.
The flower posies or sprays may be fastened to the cake by insertion into a food-grade flower pick which is itself inedible.
The cakes should be stored in cool, dry conditions in the boxes provided.











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